I'm a Romanian girl, that's all u need 2 know about me! :D

Alone with you

Though soft, I'm cold as winters' whim,
No shadows here, no breeze to skim.

I feel unloved as warmth that made,
and shaped my present form, doth fade.

So near to you, so far away...
I hear your echoes everyday.

Yet all about is mirth and sound,
I hear but I can't see around.

So where the noises start and end,
I have no clue, I'm just a friend.

Without a touch, I am not real!
You cannot tell the way I feel.

Emotions cannot course my veins,
I'm motionless, No-ones to blame.

Please heal the cracks as they appear,
Just gentle touch will help them clear.

Then put me back, and tuck me in,
I am that heart that beats within.

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