Hellow... *SmiLeZ*

My name is Eva.. I'm from Holland.. and im a newbie.. ;p
I got here on invitation.. lol.. cos I was the best in the groovy #trivia .. But I got a long way to go if I look at the people in this #trivial room..

Hmm... now anyways.. this is supposed to be about me eh?
Well.. Im single.. im 23 years old.. I live by myself in a meaningless village in Holland.
What do I do in my life is probably what you want to know..*grinz*... hmm.. well.. basically.. I dont do shit.. lol.. he he... For the past five years I've sorta been drifting through life without a real goal. I worked.. yes.. as a secretary.. (to pay the bills.. too many!!).. but I can't say its my dream job. I just sorta rolled into it..

But finally I'm gettin a lucky break..*BigAssGrin*... cos 3rd of March.. i'll be leaving for three months to go travel... I'm going to Indonesia & Australia.. and hopefully.. after that.. i'll have some rest in my gut.. and i'll finally settle down a bit over here in Holland...
Orrrrrrr... maybe.. i'll enjoy the travelling so much that i'll leave again right after i come back to Holland...
Buttt.. all that i'll just see when I come back.. for now im mainly concentrating on my departure.. :p.. packing my stuff.. arranging everything for my leave.. It's all very exciting.. It will be the first time that i'm away from home for that long...*shivers*.. and that far away...
It's all gonna be a big adventure... And I'll be sure to keep a diary... ;p

O(h)m(y)G(od).. Only one more week!! I can hardly wait! :))

Hmmm.. well anyways.. thats it for now.. I'll get back to you ... when i get back home ;p.. I wont write any profile thingie.. cos after sucha big trip as this one.. probably i'll be all changed when I come back.. So I'll write something bout myself then okies?Ώ ;p

Well.. enjoy yaselves playing Trivial.. .. lol.. break a leg ;p.. *thumbz up*..

And I'll beat ur ass when i get back!! ;pppp . **Roaaaaarrrrrrrrrrz**

Luv xXx Eva :)