Hi, to everyone, Im Coolcat, but Marina to my friends.

I was born in the UK (Watford) , to a Cretan father and a Belgian
mother, came to live in Rethymnon fifteen years ago. I have three
beautiful children, ages 14 - 12- and 8 (Boy - girl - boy).

My hobbies are Photography, tennis, cooking, reading and listening to music of all kinds.

Im a fun person, love jokes, and good humour.

This is my second year of playing Trivial, and am a great fan of Helion, Nelly, Ladyhawk, Tinkie, TheKing, Journey, and many more, nice photos you guys!!!

Playing the game has become like a drug to me, I want to play when ever I can. My husband tells me that this a good reason for couples to divorce!!! LOL, just one of his jokes.

I think I must be the oldest player Im 40 years old, but feel like
sixteen, in the heart!!

My children get rather angry with me in the evening when I start playing and dont let anyone use the PC!!!

Oh well thats all I can think to tell you guys, hope to continue to have fun with all of you, and learn a few things along the way.

Hope you like my photo taken with my youngest!!!!

Bye from Coolcat.