My name is Amy and I'm 23 years old. I'm from the USA and live in the state of Ohio... right on beautiful Lake Erie. I grew up in a small community on a farm. My family grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables. In my spare time I like to ski and snowmobile in the winter and in the summer, I like to run along the beach with my dog or roller blade.

I would love to travel and see different places and cultures. Most of my travels have been on this side of the globe... to South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada. I have been in all but 10 of the states over here (webmaster: wow!). I have never been to Europe or Australia... But I will one day!!!!!!! :)

I received my degree in Elementary Education in 2000. I am currently teaching Math to 12 year olds and coaching the Cheerleaders... and I love it!! (once more wow!) I'm studying to get my degree in Curriculum and Instruction and will finish this coming August. In the summers when I'm not teaching I work managing a hotel... that's a great job... you get to meet so many interesting people!

You are probably wondering why I am talking in a Greek server... when I can't read or speak any Greek... well... I came about 5 years ago to talk to a friend and I stayed because I love the People here.... So nice and friendly!!! So don't be afraid to msg me :)