"Seven bright stars in the sky I see
Seven for those who watch over me
Seven be the smiles down they send
Seven be the troubles swift they mend"

The longtime high lady of Silverymoon and new ruler of the Silver Marches, Alustriel is a powerful mage and one of the Seven Sisters. Folk in the North love and revere her for gentle, kindly thoughtfulness and caring stewardship of her people. Her serene manner is legendary, and she tends and cherishes the places and people she rules, resorting to violence and battle magic only as a last resort.

Alustriel spent her rebellious youth adventuring and learned very early in life that happiness is something that must be shared, not won alone. She also tirelessly pursued dreams of peace, races dwelling together in harmony, and a place where arts would be prized and nurtured: Silverymoon.

It's seemingly impossible to get Alustriel confused, angry (though she'll weep at personal misfortunes of her people), or overload her concentration on multiple matters at once. This, coupled with her natural talent for perfectly remembering faces, names, voices, and mannerisms, makes her nearly the ideal ruler. Her wits, experience, and scrying enable her to better anticipate future events in the North than almost anyone else in all Faerun. Folk in Silverymoon love her as their "Lady Hope" or "Shining Lady." Alustriel has the knack of befriending most people she meets, becoming intimate with them, and helping them (even in small ways) with their concerns and needs of the moment.

Only injustice and intolerance anger her, but she seldom shows anger as anything more than cold, pointed speech. She is a builder and an administrator whose success is rooted in her understanding of others.